All classes are for all levels, from “I’ve never even SEEN a yoga mat” to “I can put my leg behind my head, no problem” to “I am one with the universe” and everything in between. Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis — please arrive 10-15 minutes before class, even if you’ve enrolled online.


Inspired Flow

Rebel Yell Yoga's signature offering: This breath-focused power yoga class will get you inspired & fired up, ready to take on the world!

Power Yoga -- an off-shoot of Ashtanga Yoga often called power vinyasa, flow yoga, vinyasa flow, or power flow -- links conscious breath with mindful movement to foster an embodied balance of strength & flexibility.

All levels always welcome.

Mat Warriors

This is yoga turned up to 11!

With its foundation in Power Yoga & Pilates shapes & movements, this class incorporates purposeful cardio bursts and optional moderate hand weights to maximize strength-building & endurance. You will move, you will sweat, and you might even whoop it up a little bit!

All levels always welcome.

Wind Down

Strength is just one part of the picture: Truly powerful people know how to chill out as well.

This class is Teacher's Choice, but always a soothing experience. Whether it's yin yoga, yoga nidra, restorative yoga with lots of props, an indulgent sound bath - or some combination of those options - you'll relax your way to bliss, rejuvenated and refreshed.

All levels always welcome.

Easy Like Sunday

Start your Sunday with some gentle movement & replenish your energy for the week ahead!

This class combines gentle vinyasa -- no heat, no chaturangas (yoga push-ups), no "edge" -- with more time for indulgent restorative practices, such as yin-style postures & yoga nidra guided meditation.

This class is very well-suited for beginners to yoga, and folks who want to enjoy a bit of ease on a Sunday morning will feel right at home!

All levels always welcome.