Stuff to Know


Level with me: How hot is the studio?

We keep the studio at a comfortable 80-85 degrees. Depending on how many people are in class, the humidity can vary considerably, but it’s never swamp-level.

Our reasoning for this is two-fold: One, it becomes harder to manage breath & effort mindfully when we’re out of our minds over the heat in the room. Two, there are about eighty-bajillion heated yoga studios in the Sacramento area - if you want lots of heat, it’s definitely out there! (And we would be happy to recommend any of the excellent studios around that offer that.) We wanted to offer a change of pace, and a different approach to finding an edge in yoga practice.

Also, the rubber flooring would smell absolutely dreadful in a very hot room.

Speaking of that, why the rubber floor?

Imagine being able to practice yoga on 2 stacked yoga mats: The comfort, the cushioning… ahhhh! That’s what this flooring offers everyone who steps foot on it. There’s still a ton of stability - it’s not quite as squishy as foam - but your joints will thank you. This recycled rubber flooring has the added benefit of making you feel good about your impact on the world, because it helps keep tires out of landfills by re-purposing the material.

And we totally think it looks cool!

I can’t touch my toes - is that a problem?

Nah! Some of the wisest, most powerful & experienced yogis in the world can’t touch their toes, or even do any yoga poses at all. Yoga is about much more than the physical, and you are welcome in class exactly as you are now. But, if physical flexibility and strength are important to you, yoga postures can be a helpful way to cultivate both!

What do I need to bring?

The standard tools of yoga are mat, towel, water.

If you have a mat, bring it; if not, we have a few mats available for rent at $4 per use.

Even though Rebel Yell Yoga isn’t especially heated, if you tend to sweat with physical effort you may feel more comfortable having a hand towel and/or a mat-sized towel on hand. There are specialized yoga mat towels for sale all over the place, but a beach towel can also work fantastically. We have hand towels ($2), as well as a few mat-sized towels ($3) available for rent in case you forget to bring your own.

We have a water cooler serving up cold, filtered H20 - all you need to bring is a bottle to put it in!

Also in the studio - available for use during class at no additional cost - are blocks, straps, and blankets.

So, what should I wear?

The short answer is whatever you’re comfortable moving & sweating in.

Some people go for the fancy designer yoga gear - and that stuff is admittedly popular for a reason - but a tank top & basketball shorts or leggings gets the job done! Clothing that is too constricting can feel suffocating; clothing that is too loose can move in ways that get in the way. It’s kind of a trial and error process, finding the right gear for you, personally, in your yoga practice. Start with what you feel comfortable in, and you’ll fine-tune the details over time.

On the practice floor, shoes are not allowed, and socks are discouraged - it’s super hard to get traction on the mat in socks. Lots of people wear flip-flops or sandals of some sort when they come to yoga practice. Easy on, easy off.

What’s the deal with the assisting chips?

Hands-on assists can absolutely be an important tool in helping to negotiate the yoga shapes that make up this physical practice - some people love to touch, and be touched, and it’s a great thing when everyone involved is on the same page.

The truth is, though, not everybody wants touch, from just anyone, at just any old time. The Yoga Flip-chips we have in studio are a clear way for everyone on the mat to indicate whether or not they welcome physical touch from the teacher or assistant. Having these chips also makes it easy for every student to change their mind - at any time - and make their preference known in real time.

An important thing for all of us to remember is that in this set up, everyone has the power to choose whether and when to touch or be touched; just because a student is ok with receiving hands-on assists, that doesn’t mean the teacher or assistant is necessarily comfortable giving them.

Maybe it’s just for today, maybe it’s just for this pose, maybe it’s a person’s general policy - we never shame or judge or require anyone to explain themselves for their choices around touch. We respect bodily autonomy at Rebel Yell Yoga, on both sides of the mat.